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Professor Noam Chomsky Lecture Meetings

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"Modern linguistic father" and Professor called Chomsky submitted revolutionary theory (generative grammar theory) in linguistics with youth in its twenties, and, "scientific Galileo of heart," they transferred basic character of this field very much to field that researched "human essence" through scientific study of ability for recognition peculiar to human being of verbal ability. This thought plays a central role in cognitive science birth of the 1950s, and thereafter research activities of Professor - Chomsky continue pulling the most tip of scientific study of language including interaction with brain science and evolution biology of - these days for number ten years.

Professor Chomsky had the deep respect for human freely human dignity since childhood at the same time, and such a human fundamental property seemed to dream of social system respected to the maximum. Such a thought for society is reinforced more by scientific recognition about "human essence" that we got through language study, and it is to thing supporting social action of Professor Chomsky in the rear. It is known to fight that professor follows "human dignity" widely now in Japan to wrestle consistently since it was active as central intellectual in antiwar movement of America in Vietnam in the 1960s.

These two intellectual sides that Noam Chomsky had were things which had a relation of impossible separation in inner space of intellectual with consistency, but tendency that relations that were mutual as the separate sides abstracted them in Japan unlike European and American learned society and handled was strong. As for language, the continuation lecture to handle scientific thought and politics, social thought as set held this time, it is to the first (probably also last) thing in Japan.

Sophia University, CREST ("elucidation of theory of neural circuit based on neuroscience of language"),
Sophia University Graduate School linguistics specialty, Sophia University Sophia Linguistic Institute for International Communication

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Iwanami Shoten

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