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Sophia University Open Course Ware

Sophia University Open Course Ware is intended that we return to society by releasing "class" that is accumulation of education, research activities of Sophia University free of charge.

In Sophia University Open Course Ware, we release picture and information about in Lecture Meetings that we invite lecture carried out at university and domestic and foreign various celebrities, experience class of opening campus.
We can access through the Internet from anywhere, and you can see all contents in anyone free of charge. We release picture contents more than 100 including Lecture Meetings of English and German now.

※We may release lecture of teacher removing from the family register. You understanding will be appreciated.


※No registration is required.

※Cases might arise that some terms or expressions employed in the lectures maybe violating today's human right. In such instances, we did not edit the lecturer's explanation because all statements made in the lecture are for educational purposes.

Recommended browser:
We check the operation of PC in Safari 12.0 or more more than Google Chrome 72.0 more than FireFox 64.0 more than Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.0 more than Windows Edge 17.
We check the operation of smartphone in Safari 11.0 or more iOS 11 or more more than Google Chrome 72.0 Android OS 8.0 or more.
The webpage may not be displayed properly in web browsers other than the ones mention above. You understanding will be appreciated.

Copyright and License

When there is not special mention, as a general rule, copyright and permission to use all teaching materials released in Sophia University Open Course Ware are as follows.

Copyright belongs to Institute of educational foundation Sophia.
All intellectual material made available to public by Sophia University maybe copied, duplicated and redistributed for purposes other than commercial.
Creative Common License Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.1 Japan
※Free copying, sharing and distribution of the lecture material does not include 3rd party's intellectual properties.

※Depending on contents except the above may be. When there is mention on detailed page of contents about copyright and licensing, we follow that place.

Degree and Credits

Sophia University does not award grades nor credits.
We do not offer any sort of infromation services for the contents of lectures.


We look forward to Suggestions from all of you to make Sophia University Open Course Ware better more.
We look forward to your participation in the next activities.

Sophia University Open Course Ware
7-1, Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Information system room (Media Center) is inner
ocw-office [atmark]