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Undergraduate Courses Subject The year Teacher name, lecturer name Course title
2010 Anne Walthall(Professor of History, University of California, Irvine) Intellectual Networks in Early Modern Japan
2010 Anna Beerens (Leiden University) others Networks in Early/Modern Japan
2010 Kate Wilde man - Nakai (Sophia University Professor emeritus) Shrine, Church, and State: The Borders between "Teaching" and "Religion"
2011 Sreejata Roy(an Mphil in media art from the Coventry School of Art and Design) Influences on Imageability
2011 Bill Mihalopoulos(Assistant Professor in the Global Leaders Program, Dong-A University, Busan.) Prostitution, Emigration and Nation-Building 1870-1930.
2011 Dr. Eckhardt Fuchs(Professor of comparative and international education as well as history of education at the Technical University Braunschweig.) History Wars:Reconciliation through Textbooks?
2011 Dr. Stephanie Assmann(Akita University) Political Purpose and National Identity:Representations of the Food Education Campaign in Japan
2011 Ochiai Kō(Shudo University, Hiroshima) others Intellectual Networks in Early Modern Japan " 
2011 Stephen Robert Nagy Ph.D. (Assistant Professor, Department of Japanese Studies The Chinese University of Hong Kong) Transnational Migration and Asian Regional Integration:Examining the Migration Policies of Hong Kong and Tokyo
2012 Gaye Rowley (Waseda University, Tokyo) others Networks in Early Modern Japan4