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Undergraduate Courses Subject The year Teacher name, lecturer name Course title
2012 Rieko Kamei-Dyche others Networks in Premodern and Early Modern Japan
2012 Gaye Rowley (Waseda University, Tokyo) others Networks in Early Modern Japan4
2012 David L. Howell Mammas, Don' t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Samurai
2013 Toby Lincoln (Centre for Urban History, University of Leicester) Urbanizing China in War and Peace: Wuxi County, 1911-1945
2013 Dr. Jeff Wasserstrom Angry Ghosts: 1900' s Boxer Crisis as Global History
2015 Nancy Snow (SSRC Abe Fellow and Visiting Professor, Institute for Media and Communications Research,Keio University) Branding Japan:Cultural Challenges and Opportunities in 2015