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Undergraduate Courses Subject The year Teacher name, lecturer name Course title
2019 Yoshiteru Uramoto/Tsuyoshi Ito It is Migration and Development Migration and Co-existence 2
2009 Kazuhiro Ema Physics around us
2009 Coordinator Kimiyo Nishimura Language and human being II
2009 Otsugi Tomi Technical English 2C (physics)
2009 Otsugi Tomi Simulation physics
2010 Coordinator Hitoshi Kawanaka, Takeda nahomi Sophia's Roots and Identity
2010 Otsugi Tomi Basic physics
Faculty of Humanities Dept. of French Literature 2010 Hajime Sawada French Literature Studies IVb
2010 Subject common throughout Otsugi Tomi, Mihiro Sato, the Kazuya Nakamura whole school Engineering and Applied Science I
2010 Toru Tamiya Basic biology