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Undergraduate Courses Subject The year Teacher name, lecturer name Course title
2019 Center for Language Education and Research teacher We will open foreign language door! -German, French, Hispania words learning for the first time, Italian, Chinese, Korean -
2019 PATRICK, Philip Let's experience "English" of Sophia! ... How to have a successful conversation
2019 President Yoshiaki Terumichi University briefing session
2012 Minoru Sawada Introduction to teacher-training course of Sophia
2013 Alan Kim Do you not look in the world of Korean?
2013 Katayama haruhi Anthropology of prince of star
2014 Yoshiaki Terumichi  Way to special lecture international collaboration
2014 Center for Language Education and Research teacher Foreign language - German, French, Hispania words, Chinese, Korean, Italian ... to learn for the first time
2014 Tamotsu Fujita English of Sophia to learn in CLIL
2014 Daishiro Nomiya, Taro Komatsu  kompitanshi of international collaboration