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Physics around us

Teacher/lecturer name Kazuhiro Ema
The holding year 2009
Date First semester

Lecture summary
We lecture on phenomenon to be seen in daily life by interpretation judging from physical eye. As there is a lot of interesting physics before life, we take up topic of every time 2-3 and push forward lecture in spite of being thought together. Specifically, we feature the theme of physics of heat, physics of light, physics of sound, physics of electric appliance, physics of sports, physics in nature, physics of toy, physics of dishes and take up. In addition, theme (space, quantum mechanics) that is not imminent makes some topics.

Use text
Author name /Authors: Kazuhiro Ema
Title of a book /Title: Physical - immediate ten episodes - that we want to talk to people
Publishing company, publication age /Publisher.Year: Maruzen, 2006