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The Sophia renaissance Series of Lectures first

Teacher/lecturer name Jitsuro Terashima (Japan Res. Inst.'s chairperson) 
The holding year 2009
Date 2009/05/26

Japan Res. Inst.'s chairperson Jitsuro Terashima

It was born in Hokkaido for 1,947 years. After the Masters degree course in Waseda University Graduate School political science graduate course completion, MITSUI & CO., Ltd. enters the company. After duty in America from 1999 MITSUI & CO. strategy research institute's director. It is the chairperson from April, 2009. Again from 2001 Japan Res. Inst.'s director. From 2006 the chairperson. We take office as Tama University's president in April, 2009. 1994 Tanzan Ishibashi receiving a prize. A lot of books.

The world trend and Japan
-Japanese role and sense of values - in international community of new age

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