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The Sophia renaissance Series of Lectures second

Teacher/lecturer name Kayoko Hosokawa (NPO Special Olympics Japan's honorary chairperson)
The holding year 2009
Date 2009/06/24

NPO Special Olympics Japan's honorary chairperson Kayoko Hosokawa

1966 Sophia University Faculty of Humanities English sentence subject graduation. In 1994, we establish Special Olympics Japan. We act as "Special Olympics winter season world meeting" held in Nagano-shi in February, 2005 chairperson. In addition, it is successive occupation in Director Japan committee with "vaccine for world child" authorization NPO corporation sending vaccine to children of developing country. "Both flower and we are used to flowers person are publication in people it be me of - volunteer" this March, first book. Sophia University Sophia society's vice-chairperson.

A challenge to the possible - me as volunteer-

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