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The Sophia renaissance Series of Lectures fourth

Teacher/lecturer name Masanori Kanda (writer, management consultant)
The holding year 2009
Date 2009/10/20

Writer, management consultant Masanori Kanda
1987, Sophia University foreign language department English subject graduation. After working at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Economic Affairs Bureau, we acquire New York University economics master (MA), Pennsylvania University Wharton school Master of Business Administration (MBA). Afterwards, through American home-appliance maker representative from Japan to management consultant. We perform writing activity and supervising a translation of various genres, TV show plan appearance, wide fictionization including musical produce. In book, it is majority including "confession of successful person" "melody of the life" "company is clear for 60 minutes project" "word of mouth epidemic". The total number of copies exceeds 2 million copies.

Introduction to the time prediction by 70 year cycle
The role each generation will play in the next 10 years

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