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The Sophia renaissance Series of Lectures sixth

Teacher/lecturer name Kazuyoshi Fujita (meeting chairperson protecting NGO Daichi)
The holding year 2009
Date 2009/12/15

Meeting chairperson Kazuyoshi Fujita who protects NGO Daichi

It was born in Iwate for 1,947 years. Sophia University Department of Law graduation. We participate in NGO "meeting protecting the earth" establishment for the organic farming spread in 1975. The "earth" which blooms, and becomes cliff of company social in 1977 as distribution section (meeting protecting current Daichi) establishment. Commencing with organic farming campaign, we develop activity for problems such as food, environment, energy, education and deepen cooperation with farmer of all the countries of the world. We hold an additional post of appeal person representative, Director Asia farmer spirit University now in "the candle night of 1 million people". In book "company protecting life and living" "revolution from one Japanese radish."


Food and farming in Japan viewed from the Industry and society

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