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Technical English 2C (physics)

Teacher/lecturer name Otsugi Tomi
The holding year 2009
Date First semester

Lecture summary
Technology does not have border, and intelligence by English, importance of dispatch have been increasing more and more. On the other hand, we know technical term peculiar to documents of technology well to comprehend documents of technology, and to disseminate information in various forms, and it is necessary to make point of argument clear, and to speak conclusion clearly. We do not acquire this only by reading English conversation and literary work. VI learns such a Technical English from Technical English I systematically. In addition, this course receives support as modern GP "systematic scientific English education in global society" from Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. In Technical English Ib, we read textbook of physics that American high school student uses and it increases vocabulary of physical term and understands description of natural phenomenon in English and aims at what we can express.

Use text
As textbook of American physics is hard to be available, we are going to lend the following textbooks.

Author name /Authors: Author name /Authors :Paul G. Hewitt
Title of a book /Title: Title of a book /Title :Conceptual Physics
Publishing company, publication age /Publisher.Year: Publishing company, publication age /Publisher.Year :Addison Wesley, 2002