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Everyday science "The End of the World"

Teacher/lecturer name Junichi Nishizawa
The holding year 2010
Date 2010

Institute of Junichi Nishizawa Sophia's advisor/Sophia University specially appointed professor

1926 (Taisho 15) Sendai-shi birth. Tohoku University department of engineering electrician subject graduation. Doctor of engineering. We successively hold Tohoku University's professor, the university's president, Iwate Prefectural University's president, capital University Tokyo president, and appointment continues up to the present day in Advisor Institute of educational foundation Sophia, Sophia University specially appointed professor in August, 2009. Invention of three elements and electrostatic induction transistor of optical communication, development of complete crystallization technology of semiconductor material are known widely, and "Mr. semiconductor" call with "father of optical communication" and wins many prizes of home and abroad. Achievement of the field of past electronics was praised in 2002, and, in I.E.E.E. (IEEE), "Jun-ichi Nishizawa Medal" which named the name for the first time was founded in Japanese. The 1989 Order of Culture, 2002 Grand Cordon of the Order of the Sacred Treasure receipt of a decoration. We stand in the front line of study of the field of high terahertz of application possibility to the field of the great electricity direct current transmission by study of power semiconductor and medical care, medicine now.

Everyday science "The End of the World"
We thought that our Daichi was thing such as square board until we noticed that the earth became ball. As water of the sea dropped with jar jar when we went to this edge, sailors prevented you from going in the edge, too. Even if we climbed high mountain and looked at the distance, the distance noticed that the earth might be round for some reason because invisible too much, and the heavenly bodies including month floated much in the sky if we noticed and have begun to think that our earth might be ball for the first time. Sailors who went only to Cape of Good Hope set sail for the Indian Ocean all at once and came to go in around India till then. Spain said to Columbus who was in Spain that we might go to India if we went to the west adversely and discovered the United States. We were mistaken in thinking that we went to India while it was beginning. For 1,492 years, it will be about 500 years ago now. Astronomer such as Copernicus followed by Galilei played an active part, and the Copernican theory came to be gradually regarded as justice.

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