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The Sophia renaissance Series of Lectures eighth

Teacher/lecturer name Yoshitaka Okada (Manager Sophia University international dogmatics)
The holding year 2010
Date 2010/06/17

Sophia University international college of liberal arts Nagaoka Takashi Tani

We acquire Ph.D. (economic sociology) at the American University of Wisconsin madison school in 1981. Professor 1991 international university international Beziehungslehre graduate course. 1994 Sophia University comparison culture (existing international culture) department's professor. 2002 comparison culture study director. Manager 2009 international dogmatics. There are many international research activities such as the World Bank, the United Nations University, the University of Wisconsin Japan, the United States and Europe comparative study project. It is editing committee member of Socio-EconomicReview of Oxford University Press issuance from 2002. It is Executive Council Member of international academic conference Society for Advancement of Socio-Economics from 2003 to 2006. As guest professor is engagement for study and instructional activity in American University of Wisconsin madison school, British Cambridge University, Oxford University, German country Max Karl Ernst Ludwig Planck research institute (cairn), Canada country Carleton University, Victoria University, Australia, Finland country HelsinkiSchool of Economics and Business, University of Indonesia, Philippines country Delaware Sarh University, AsianInstitute of Management.

Globalization and building a sustainable world

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