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Basic physics

Teacher/lecturer name Otsugi Tomi
The holding year 2010
Date Spring semester

Lecture summary
We review content such as the dynamics, electromagnetism and thermodynamics by this lecture and understand basic concept. Firstly we lecture on differential calculus, basic matter of vector analysis. We leave exercise equation next and explain various kinds of ho*soku. In electromagnetism, we lecture on electric charge, electric current, basic concept about the voltage and electrostatic field, cardinal law of static magnetic field. In thermodynamics, we comment on basic law about heat, temperature, pressure in description of phenomenon on macroscopic scale.

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Reference book
Thing which added collection of formulas, the physical fixed number list to lecture contents was published.

Author name /Authors: Otsugi Tomi
Title of a book /Title: Basic physics for university student
Publishing company, publication age /Publisher.Year: The arts and sciences book publishing company/ISBN: New cord notation 978-4-7806-0259-3/1995 Japanese yen (tax-included)

Reference materials
2010 midterm examination
2010 term-end examination

Lecture contents Lecture picture Materials
1 Differential calculus, the basics of integral calculus
2 Partial differentiation and vector analysis
(lecture note refers to the first)
3 3 laws of Newton's campaign
4 Momentum, angular momentum and ho*soku of energy
5 Momentum, angular momentum and ho*soku of energy
(lecture note refers to the fourth)
6 Movement of universal gravitation and planet
(lecture note refers to the fourth)
7 Kinetic theory of gases and ideal air
8 Thermomotor and the thermodynamic first law
9 Entropy and the thermodynamic second law
(lecture note refers to the eighth)
10 Coulomb's law and law of gauss
11 Metal and electric field
12 Law and magnetic field of bio - Savart
13 Law of Ampere
(lecture note refers to the twelfth)
14 Electromagnetic induction and Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction
(lecture note refers to the twelfth)