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The Sophia renaissance Series of Lectures ninth

Teacher/lecturer name Charles makujiruton (Second Harvest Japan's director)
The holding year 2010
Date 2010/07/16

Mr. second her best Japan's director Charles makujiruton

It was born in Montana, America for 1,963 years. Visit to Japan first in 1984. We participate in support activity of road dweller while living on Yamaya from 1991 and live a life in house of blue seat along the Sumida River for 15 months from 1997. We become representative of first Japanese food bank from 2000 and begin activity to provide food to the life poor, infant facilities, welfare facilities, migrant or DV victim. NPO corporation second her best Japan which we founded in 2002 joins global network "global food banking network" of food bank in 2007. It becomes commendation program of social entrepreneur who cooperates with Schwab foundation in 2009, and holds, "Social Entrepreneur of the Year" (SEOY) finalist prize winner. 2004, Masters degree course in Sophia University Graduate School foreign country language study graduate course comparison culture specialty completion. We act as lecturer of "NGO Management" class in Sophia University international college of liberal arts from April, 2009.


Seven ideas (language = Japanese) of Second Harvest Japan

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