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"When it comes to cutting through matter" Everyday science

Teacher/lecturer name Junichi Nishizawa
The holding year 2010
Date 2010

Institute of Junichi Nishizawa Sophia's advisor/Sophia University specially appointed professor

1926 (Taisho 15) Sendai-shi birth. Tohoku University department of engineering electrician subject graduation. Doctor of engineering. We successively hold Tohoku University's professor, the university's president, Iwate Prefectural University's president, capital University Tokyo president, and appointment continues up to the present day in Advisor Institute of educational foundation Sophia, Sophia University specially appointed professor in August, 2009. Invention of three elements and electrostatic induction transistor of optical communication, development of complete crystallization technology of semiconductor material are known widely, and "Mr. semiconductor" call with "father of optical communication" and wins many prizes of home and abroad. Achievement of the field of past electronics was praised in 2002, and, in I.E.E.E. (IEEE), "Jun-ichi Nishizawa Medal" which named the name for the first time was founded in Japanese. The 1989 Order of Culture, 2002 Grand Cordon of the Order of the Sacred Treasure receipt of a decoration. We stand in the front line of study of the field of high terahertz of application possibility to the field of the great electricity direct current transmission by study of power semiconductor and medical care, medicine now.

"When it comes to cutting through matter" Everyday science
We were sharp till the last when we cut thing finely, or human being came to be at a loss in whether there was the smallest unit, and you were no longer sharp. Because it fitted in thing which there were some of those things because there was when a certain material put some terrible things together, it should remain in that when we divided finally and could divide these, and thing different afterwards noticed that there should remain. The thing is today's atom and will get indication called element for each type.

As for the details of program of the day, please see this.

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