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The Sophia renaissance Series of Lectures tenth

Teacher/lecturer name Yoshiaki Kawashima (association of Japanese sustainable coffee's director)
The holding year 2010
Date 2010/10/15


Association of Japanese sustainable coffee's director Yoshiaki Kawashima

1956, Shizuoka birth. In 1975, we study in Jose Simeon kanyasu University of L Salvador after Shizuoka Seiko Gakuin high school graduation. Afterwards, we study coffee cultivation, processing in those days at national coffee research institute said to be three major coffee research institutes of the world. We stay in the field after the civil war outbreak and evacuate to loss Angers reply in 1981. We are scouted by UCC and start for our new post in Jamaica and are engaged in development of Blue Mountain coffee. Afterwards, we found out endemic species that it was said that we located endangered species in development of fazenda, Malagasy island in Hawaii Island, Sumatra and became extinct for preservation of kind in success, Re'union island and brought back coffee industry of island after an interval of 1965. In 2007, we resign from UCC in operating officers last and we establish association of Japanese sustainable coffee and take office as director. We establish Mi Cafeto to diffuse new coffee culture in 2008.


Sustainability as seen through coffee

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