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Bishop Jean Laffitte Lecture Meetings

Teacher/lecturer name Bishop Jean Laffitte (director at board of the Pope home council)
The holding year 2010
Date 2010/10/18

Bishop director at board of the Pope home council Jean Laffitte

1952, ororon Santo Mary birth of France. It is child after 12 brothers. Learn political science in Toulouse University, Cambridge University, University of Salamanca, and, after bank duty, ex-Emperor kyokochoritsu France theology of Rome enrolls in 1984, 1989, Catholic priest holy orders. It is appointed "board of the Pope John Paul II marriage, family Institute" via posts such as the board of the Pope home council, the board of the Pope life academy in October, 2009 by director at board of the Pope home council. December 12, the same year bishop holy orders. Emanuel community member who is group of Catholics.

Christian vision of love and marriage in the times of uncertainty

It being easy to come to like people. But loving….
Can you love one person all the time? What is marriage for?
God calls us "love". We invite that to love and is loved, and live.
You listen to voice of appeal, and do you not investigate the message?

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