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Sophia's Roots and Identity

Teacher/lecturer name Coordinator Hitoshi Kawanaka, Takeda nahomi
The holding year 2010
Date First semester

Lecture summary
Sophia University reaches the 100th anniversary of the foundation in 2013. We sail up history of Sophia University in the source and, by this scheme, look back, and consideration searches education philosophy of this school and identity from various angles. Class is carried out in colloquium format of lecturer specialized in each field.

Use text
We distribute "heart of Sophia University" in the first class. In addition, we distribute prints appropriately during class.

Reference book: "Heart of Society of Jesus education" Toshiaki Koso/haime kasutanieda, mikuni Publishing

Lecture contents Lecture picture Materials
1 Introduction
2 Origin (1) of Sophia University
Shinzo Kawamura (Faculty of Humanities history department)
3 Origin (2) of Sophia University
Toshiaki Koso (Institute of Sophia's director, Faculty of Integrated Human Science education subject)
4 Spirituality and Society of Jesus education (1) of Ignizio
Sanji Yamaoka (Director of Institute of Sophia, Faculty of Theology theology department)
5 Spirituality and Society of Jesus education (2) of Ignizio
Hitoshi Kawanaka (Faculty of Theology theology department)
6 World Society of Jesus education
We feel heavy at Joan I (Faculty of Theology theology department)
7 Peacebuilding and Society of Jesus education
Hideyuki Koyama (Faculty of Theology theology department)
8 Social justice and Society of Jesus education
Sari tarapperu (Faculty of Theology theology department)
9 It is (1) from position of graduate
Kayoko Hosokawa (visiting lecturer)
10 Christianity humanism (1)
Sadami Takayama (Faculty of Theology theology department)
11 Christianity humanism (2)
Takeda nahomi (Faculty of Theology theology department)
12 It is (2) from position of graduate
Ichisaburo Tochimoto (Faculty of Integrated Human Science social welfare subject)
13 When religion and scientific - religion meet science
Tsutomu Sakuma (Faculty of Theology theology department)
14 Summary
Coordinator (Faculty of Theology theology department)