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The Sophia-no-za Series second

Teacher/lecturer name Kazuhiko Funakawa (this school Faculty of Humanities English sentence subject professor)
The holding year 2010
Date 2010/11/19


Kazuhiko Funakawa this school Faculty of Humanities English sentence subject professor

In 1953, we are born in Osaka-shi. Sophia University Faculty of Humanities English sentence subject graduation. The university's academy literature graduate course Britain and the United States literature specialty doctoral course term withdrawal from school. Studying in Oxford University blaze nose college. 1997, haku
Graduation (Sophia University) of person (literature). The present, Sophia University Faculty of Humanities professor. There is mark Pattison "reminiscences of a certain gown" (SUP) to "fate of the 19th century Oxford - - litterae humaniores" (SUP), translation book in book.


Newman's Ideal University and Our University

Though it is well known, as for "the idea of university" of Newman, existence is actually read as university theory to steal from Catholic viewpoint, and it may be said that it is book which is rarely understood. soremoso
Judging from premise, his idea that nohazu, the intellectual world of the mid-19th century were talked about as background is apart from reality of modern university distantly. We want to think about meaning that this book has for today's us after having recognized the distance. (Newman was had beatification of in the Catholic Church in September, 2010.)

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