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Networks in Early/Modern Japan

Teacher/lecturer name Anna Beerens (Leiden University) others
The holding year 2010
Date 2011/01/15


Anna Beerens, Shalmit Bejarano, Andrew Kamei-Dyche, Juliane Schlag

・Anna Beerens
Leiden University

・Shalmit Bejarano
Japan Foundation, University of Pittsburgh

・Andrew Kamei-Dyche
University of Southern California

・Juliane Schlag
Martin-Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, Germany

The second workshop of the research group "Network Studies" introduces recent trends in the field of Japanese early modern and modern history.
We have four presenters from various disciplines who will share their recent research on networks.
In addition, as an understudied era in regards to network analysis, the workshop welcomes the audience to discuss methods and models for a network analysis.

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