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History of Journalism I

Department/subject Faculty of Humanities newspaper subject
Teacher/lecturer name Yuga Suzuki
The holding year 2011
Date Spring semester
Lecture summary

Give an outline about development of journalism, and paper, appearance, communication of reproductions technology such as print, development of transportation look at the situation prescribing format of journalism from birth of letter; from (the world) for days of creation to ... 19th century.

Use text

Author name /Authors: Akihiko Haruhara, Hideo Takeichi (hen)
Title of a book /Title: The trout media [the second edition] of seminar Japan
Publishing company, publication age /Publisher.Year: Criticism company 2004 in Japan

Reference book

Author name /Authors: Akihiko Haruhara
Title of a book /Title: Japanese newspaper complete history [shi*ban]
Publishing company, publication age /Publisher.Year: New spring company 2003

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  Lecture contents Lecture picture Materials
1 Orientation    
2 Journalism, meaning to learn History of Journalism, the times of puregutemberugu:
Communication began by appearance of the human.
3 Appearance and the spread of typographies:
From xylograph to printing, becoming begins the spread, reproduction of paper
4 With appearance news of the gutemberugu era, periodical literature
5 The times are daily, communication, evolution of the media:
19-20 centuries
6 The times are daily, communication, evolution of the media:
19-20 centuries (2)
※ Lecture material refers to the fifth
7 It is newspaper, the development of English letter paper, characteristic of the late Tokugawa period newspaper in treaty port
8 Appearance of newspaper birth (josefuhiko) = VTR daily and newspaperdom of the Meiji early years
Newspaper comes up in each place
9 Communication revolution John Reddie Black and journalism of Meiji
Appearance of small (come) newspaper that oppression of newspaper begins and position of the large (chase) newspaper southwest, sudden rise of movement for democratic rights and achievement of speech engine
10 The promulgation and journalism of current events Courier, personal and the times Great Japanese Imperial Constitution of journalism
11 Political party of political change and newspaper of 1881 de-political party of/human rights group newspaper and newspaper
12 War and newspaper: Sino-Japanese, journalism of Russo-Japanese War = VTR Taisho era period