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The second language acquisition study 1

Department/subject Foreign language department English subject
Teacher/lecturer name Shinichi Izumi
The holding year 2011
Date Spring semester
Lecture summary

This is a survey course in second language acquisition (SLA) in which we will consider important SLA theories and empirical research findings. In this course, we will focus on adult second language acquisition, including both naturalistic and instructed SLA. We will also cover various issues and important research findings pertaining to child SLA and child first language acquisition throughout the semester whenever they are deemed relevant.

Use text

Author name /Authors: Gass, S., & Selinker, L.
Title of a book /Title: Second language acquisition: An Introductory course. 3rd edition.
Publishing company, publication age /Publisher.Year: Routledge. 2008

Reference book

Author name /Authors: Lightbown, P., & Spada, N
Title of a book /Title: How languages are learned. 3rd edition
Publishing company, publication age /Publisher.Year: Oxford University Press. 2006