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The Sophia-no-za Series third

Teacher/lecturer name Sr. Ishino Reiko
The holding year 2011
Date 2011/05/13


Sr. Ishino Reiko

Member of St. Paul convent. We are born in Tokyo in 1931. Rome, professional deo international university society department graduation. guregorian University communication department graduation. 1966 through 1986 Vatican broadcasting station Japanese section duty.



The pope who changed the world John Paul II

On May 13, 1981, John Paul II was shot to death by an assassin in Saint petoro open space of Vatican. Bullet penetrated the abdomen, and the Pope suffered serious wound, but escaped death. From the day when John Paul II was elected on October 16, 1978 by the 264th Pope of the Catholic Church, the Berlin Wall collapses in 1989, and this case is event that got up in borderline of one to know on day when the Cold War terminates. "You must not be afraid. Open door to Christ. We greatly change the world." These prophetic words of the Pope spoken of after the appointment soon became reality ten years later. However, therefore sacrifice that the Pope jeopardized life was required. Afterwards, the Pope committed all kinds of power until day to die at 84 years old in spite of being repetition on April 2, 2005 saying "you must not be afraid" and was continued acting for world peace. (on May 1, 2011, the Catholic Church declares John Paul II with happy person.)



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