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The Sophia-no-za Series fourth

Teacher/lecturer name Harutsugu Yamaura (Ofunato-shi, Iwate doctor)
The holding year 2011
Date 2011/07/23


Harutsugu Yamaura 

medical doctor at Iwate prefecture Ofunashi

We are brought up in birth, Kamaishi-shi, Okirai-mura, Kesen-gun in Tokyo in 1940 and move to Sakaricho, Kesen-gun (existing Ofunato-shi) afterwards. After Tohoku University medical department graduation, is a graduate from 1971, the university's academy medicine graduate course surgery specialty, and it is doctor of medicine, and, in 1966, give spare time to study of words "language of kesen" of hometown Kesen district besides medicine making a specialty of Assistant Professor Res. Inst. for Tuberculosis and Cancer, Tohoku Univ. radiology section in 1981, "introduction to language of kesen" (in "hitakami Golden Legend" that wrote Iwate recommendation of art receiving a prize), history of kesen in 1987, place name association "prize for climate study" receiving a prize in Japan, book of verse "poetry of kesen" (1989 (1998, there are books such as Iwate daily report culture Prize receiving a prize) in self-publishing culture Prize - arts and sciences section - receiving a prize), "language of kesen unabridged dictionary" ( 1990 by promotion of study and culture of words of Iwate region Iwate education commendation receiving a 2002 Ofunato-shi municipal administration person who has rendered distinguished services commendation (culture service) receiving a prize.



How do we face the East Japan Great Disaster of march 11 as seen from the affected areas

Doctor, Harutsugu Yamaura of Ofunato-shi, Iwate is known for having translated the Bible into local dialect "kesen word". We suffered from oneself and, in the town of debris hit by massive tsunami, continued supporting people as doctor. It not ending despair as despair to have recurred to chest of Yamaura when we stood in field of severe damage. And "prayer" was to be to hear voice of God who appeared in event at hand. We talk about hope to undertake disaster, and to live while reading the Bible now.


As for the details of program, please see this flyer.

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