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French Literature Studies IVb

Department/subject Faculty of Humanities French Literature department
Teacher/lecturer name Hajime Sawada
The holding year 2010
Date First semester

Lecture summary
Main theme of class is Paris. We make enough possible to understand one literary work only after making full use of many methods, and and reading, and comparing itself with work of of the same author or other writers. It may bring interesting interpretation about meaning of the details about overall structure of the work in various ways to study work from point of view called poetics of city. If depiction of modern Paris begins from imitation of the late 19th century in the picture about description of cityscape which is element constituting poetics of city, it may be said that it begins from Balzac in the early 19th century in the literature.
For landscape artist of Paris representing French Literature, we become three major writers of Balzac, Zola, Proust, but Hugo, Baudelaire, Flaubert leave valuable work, too. Scenery of Paris changes into cuttlefish while chasing cast of features of inhabitants in remark and work of author and remodeling of block and searches whether this capital is made myth.

Use text
Author name /Authors: Roger Caillois
Title of a book /Title: Myth and human being
Publishing company, publication age /Publisher.Year: Auction or bookshop, 1994

Author name /Authors: Walter Benjamin
Title of a book /Title: Baudelaire
Publishing company, publication age /Publisher.Year: Iwanami library, 1994

Author name /Authors: Burton Pike
Title of a book /Title: Modern literature and city
Publishing company, publication age /Publisher.Year: Kenkyusha publication, 1987

Lecture contents Lecture picture Lecture material Distribution material
1 From introduction - Versailles to Paris
2 Music circles (1) of Paris
—Mainly on work of Balzac—
3 Music circles (2) of Paris
—Alexandre Dumas and Proust—
4 World of art (1)- Balzac of Paris—
5 World of art (2)- Zola of Paris—
6 "Disillusionment" This "Bellamy" 
—The world of journalism—
7 "No torr = dam de Paris" 
—Hugo and Paris (1)—
8 Hugo "Les Miserables" 
—Hugo and Paris (2)—
9 Balzac "daughter of golden eyes"
10 Flaubert "feelings education"
11 Paris in Proust "love of swan"
12 Raymond Queneau "zaji of subway"