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History of Journalism II

Department/subject Faculty of Humanities newspaper subject
Teacher/lecturer name Yuga Suzuki
The holding year 2011
Date First semester

Lecture summary

We give an outline about development of journalism, and paper, appearance, communication of reproductions technology such as print, development of transportation look at the situation prescribing format of journalism from birth of letter and intend for journalism in the 20th century.


Use text

Author name /Authors: Akihiko Haruhara, Hideo Takeichi (hen)
Title of a book /Title: The trout media [the second edition] of seminar Japan
Publishing company, publication age /Publisher.Year: Criticism company 2004 in Japan


Reference book

Author name /Authors: Akihiko Haruhara
Title of a book /Title: Japanese newspaper complete history [shi*ban]
Publishing company, publication age /Publisher.Year: New spring company 2003


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Class progress site
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  Lecture contents Lecture picture Materials
1 Journalism (1) of Showa
2 Journalism (2) of Showa
515 cases, 226 cases and journalism, media and Olympics
3 Pacific War and journalism (1)
VTR = 1941-1945 locust year
4 Pacific War and journalism (2)
From 226 cases to the end of the war
※ Lecture material refers to the third
5 Newspaperdom after World War II: The 20, Showa generation
6 Did war go to VTR seeing and hearing = why Japanese?
(the media and the people)
※ Lecture material refers to the third
7 Concealment false report postwar mysterious case of practice coverage source of coverage
※Ten minutes break off by machine parts trouble in the latter half. You understanding will be appreciated.
8 Documents introduction/current topics commentary
Journalism (1) of the 30, Showa generation
: Arrival/pyurittsua prize of the trout media era
9 TV, diversification (2) of the media by appearance of weekly
The development of the trout media
10 Role (1) of modern change and journalism
The Vietnam War and journalism
The VTR seeing and hearing (or this is fight of justice)
11 Documents introduction/current topics commentary
Intervention to rise/journalism of the broadcast media
*Apology: The number of times of title screen of collecting picture becomes "the tenth", but is "the eleventh" error
12 Role (1) of modern change and journalism
The news and human rights
13 Role (2) of modern change and journalism
Problem and destination of journalism
14 Generalization cyber space and journalism