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Introduction to theatrical performance

Teacher/lecturer name Coordinator Togo Takanori
The holding year 2011
Date First semester

Lecture summary

In "the world, both one stage, man and woman are all nothing but hen (they do not knit) ku actor" (Shakespeare)
European people of the renaissance period thought that the working of the world was one big play. On the other hand, from the times of ancient Greece, drama was mirror to project figure of social way and human beings who lived there on. In other words, in play, the world is clogged up. We want to tell world fun of such a drama and infinite expanse to students by all means. This lecture came out of such hot thought of several foreign language department teachers. By lecture, we learn about drama of various local various times of the world from ancient Greece to modern Japan. Furthermore, we taste feeling of member of a theatrical company in two times of workshops a little bit. And we have you watch the real stage in theater out of classroom. We are going to arrange opportunity of special lecture having well-known theatricalist come (we submit the experience as "theatergoing report"). We concentrated invention for program to have attendance student know charm of drama from different angles as possible in this way.
We want to say with wonderful "guide" that all students who are interested in drama to drama geek belonging to theatrical company from person who has not mentioned drama at all can enjoy until now. Therefore we are full of curiosity and expect attendance of motivated intellectual high-level everybody.


Reference book

Author name /Authors: Hirata oriza
Title of a book /Title: "Performance and direction" (Kodansha contemporary new book 1723)
Publishing company, publication age /Publisher.Year: Kodansha (2004)


Author name /Authors: Tamiya Kuriyama
Title of a book /Title: "Job of director" (Iwanami new book 1105)
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Title of a book /Title: "Talk about scene: viewpoint of drama and musical in the present age" (Shueisha new book 0155F)
Publishing company, publication age /Publisher.Year: Shueisha (2002)

  Lecture contents Lecture picture Materials
1 Introduction
Togo civil virtues
2 "Greek tragedy outline"
Harue Yamagata
3 "Drama of the European Middle Ages"
Hiroshi Yamamoto
4 Workshop
5 "Rice Deer derarute"
Shinichi Murata
6 "Corneille, Racine, Moliere"
Michio Takai
7 "Chekhov and absurdity"
Shinichi Murata
8 "Modern drama in Japan"
Boyd Mariko
(lecture by English)
9 "Special lecture"
Toru Emori
10 "Shakespeare guide"
History of west ability
11 "Workshop"
Victor Nedel' skoj
12 "The present age of drama in China"
Naoko Hosoi
13 "Brazilian drama outline"
Toida Elinor
14 "The present of lah U.S. drama"
Emiko Yoshikawa