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Influences on Imageability

Teacher/lecturer name Sreejata Roy(an Mphil in media art from the Coventry School of Art and Design)
The holding year 2011
Date 2011/10/06


Sreejata Roy


Sreejata Roy has an Mphil in media art from the Coventry School of Art and Design, and has been awarded prestigious scholarships (Overseas Research Scholarship, U.K.; National Scholarship, India) as well as participated in many national and international exhibitions, residencies and workshops. Sreejata is drawn to community-related projects, and for the past five years has focused on exploring the new labour practices that have developed in the neo-liberal political/economic environment as an expression and consequence of globalization. She currently works for the Ankur Society for Alternatives in Education, a Delhi-based NGO, where she continues her exploration of the relationship of art and public space through a variety of media forms, in collaboration with young people from working-class communities.



One of the starkest visual outcomes of contemporary neo-liberal political environments and economic policies that have catalyzed globalization on an unforeseen and unimaginable scale is the relentless mutation of metropolitan landscapes all over the world. Urban geographies are being rapidly and permanently transformed to accommodate the ever-expanding construction of skyscrapers, corporate offices and shopping malls. The traditionally public, historical and `green' spaces in cities are encroached upon and appropriated, shrinking and disappearing as state property is sold developed into commercial mega-projects for private business interests. The migrant working class is also a subject to various powerful modes of alienation, even while the city enlarges these communities' frames of reference, dismantles provincial and rural prejudices, offers a range of new affiliations and professions, and new possibilities of individual freedom. And at the other end of the scale, cities themselves bloat into unsustainable entities via the influx of millions of impoverished rural migrants, who create their own precarious settlements, infrastructure and relational circuits in whatever corner they can find.
 For the last five years my art practice has involved experimenting with new genres of art across different populations in various working-class localities in Delhi. My research focuses on the representation of social issues through works created in collaboration with the community and through direct interaction/intervention in the physical spaces of neighbourhoods. I visualize collective projects that would serve as a voice for the community, inviting women, children and youth from different background to narrate their personal experiences of the changing urban milieu through a variety of creative media and art forms.


As for the details of program, please see this flyer.

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