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HOME lecture University control basics /FUNDAMENTALS OF CONTROL ENGINEERING


Teacher/lecturer name Yasuhiko Muto
The holding year 2011
Date First semester

Lecture summary

In all fields of engineering system, concept called "control" is becoming extremely important now. Control engineering greatly separates, and there are classic control theory using frequency properties and the present age control theory that used in condition differential equation. We give an outline by analysis and the design method of control system based on classic control theory in control engineering 1. These are control system design technique that is used most now in the industry. The pro-feedback design method that content was based on expression of system using frequency properties and frequency properties is central topic. We are going to perform simple practice every time to deepen understanding of lecture. We will perform one way of basic of control engineering in conjunction with modern control theory to deal with in control engineering 2. In addition, it is not necessary to take control engineering 1, 2, 3 in this order in particular.


Reference book

Author name /Authors: Katsutoshi Tamura, Yasuhiko Muto, Tetsushi Sasagawa
Title of a book /Title: Mathematics for system control
Publishing company, publication age /Publisher.Year: CORONA PUBLISHING CO.,LTD.