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The Sophia-no-za Series fifth

Teacher/lecturer name Etsuko Akiba (University of Toyama's professor)
The holding year 2011
Date 2011/11/11


Etsuko Akiba

After experiencing Sophia University Graduate School law graduate course doctoral course completion, Sophia University Department of Law assistant, national mind nerve center, National Institute of Mental Health researcher, we teach University of Toyama department of economics management law department from 2005. From 2004 the board of the Pope life academy honorary member member.



The beginning of life

By progress such as human clone technology, embryonic stem cell study, reproduction assistance medical technology, as for the human embryo, scientific research is valuable now; is targeted. We read and, over this, untie aspect of international debate developed between two major tides of life ethics, individualism life ethics and personalism life ethics.


As for the details of program, please see this flyer.

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