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The Sophia renaissance Series of Lectures 16th

Teacher/lecturer name Kyoko Gaja (reporter for Reuters, movie director)
The holding year 2011
Date 2011/12/12




Reutersꀀreporter,ꀀfilm director
Tokyo birth. After Sophia University foreign language department graduation, we find a job in TV Tokyo of Japan and play an active part as newsman.
We produce economic program and natural childbirth, documentary program of shokochomeishakai and experience ambassador's residence hostage crisis in Peru or revival coverage of Great Hanshin Earthquake.
We go to the United States by mother and the child taking up job leaving his family behind in 2001 and play a role as TV reporter, producer of Reuters Limited.
Is in charge of program now; "Reuters market report to and "Reuters business weekly" are broadcasted in channel "news birds" for website of Reuters and 24 hours affiliated with TBS and the work product which put way of Japan woman whom start chose way living in New York as of life in production of "choice of way, daughter of mother" scrupulously is completed in 2009 and is chosen documentary film as the screening work of the 22nd Tokyo international woman film festival as movie director from 2005.
Completion is going to show "In The Moment living 3.11 here" becoming the second work in October, 2011 by world film festival.



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As for the details of program, please see this flyer.

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"Choice of way, daughter of mother" trailer