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Department/subject Faculty of Liberal Arts 
Teacher/lecturer name MCKINLEY James
The holding year 2012
Date First semester

Lecture summary

This course will focus on the development of thinking skills and strategies for creating logical relationships between thoughts. Critical arguments will be required and developed, and this will be done with consideration to social and cultural issues surrounding identity. Assessment is based on written assignments, discussions, and presentations; the class will serve as an ongoing workshop on academic protocols in reading, writing, presenting, challenging, and exchanging ideas.


Use text

A complete syllabus will be distributed on the first day of class with a list of readings available on Moodle.

  Lecture contents Lecture picture
1 Syllabus to be distributed. Introduction to the course. Writing guide; "Common Sense"
2 Argument: Andersen The Emperor' s New Clothes
Abercrombie Anatomy of Judgement
Asking the right questions
3 The Mind: Plato Allegory of the Cave
4 The Mind: Jung The Personal & Collective Unconscious
5 Metaphor: Lakoff & Johnson Concepts We Live By Kafka Parable of the Law
6 Metaphor: Lakoff & Turner Life, Death and Time
7 Love & Anxiety: Plato Symposium
8 Love & Anxiety: Freud The Oedipus Complex
9 Free will: Jung Dream Analysis in its Practical Application  
10 Free will: Luther Bondage of the Will; Dick Minority Report
11 Review; Screening
12 Screening continued; Mid-term  
13 Government: Lao-Tzu Thoughts from the Tao-te Ching; presentation
14 Government: Machiavelli The Qualities of the Prince
15 Justice: Thoreau Civil Disobedience; presentation
16 Justice: Martin Luther King, Jr. Letter from Birmingham Jail
17 The Individual: Nietzsche Apollonianism and Dionysianism; presentation  
18 The Individual: Emerson Self-Reliance
19 Economy: Marx Communist Manifesto; presentation
20 Economy: Keynes Social Consequences of Changes in the Value of Money
21 Screening
22 Screening continued  
23 Ethics and Morality: Aristotle The Aim of Man; presentation
24 Ethics and Morality: Nietzsche Morality as Anti-Nature
25 Feminism: Woolf Shakespeare' s Sister; presentation
26 Feminism: Greer Masculinity
27 Review; Screening  
28 Screening continued; Final exam