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Russian politics, diplomatic A-1/RUSSIAN POLITICS A-1

Department/subject Foreign language department Russian subject
Teacher/lecturer name Toshihiko Ueno
The holding year 2013
Date Spring semester
Lecture summary


We give an outline with Japan and Russia-affiliated episode that the Japan and Russia-affiliated history is not known mainly on the issue of demarcation in the close present age. We learn the basics of history of history of diplomacy to assume Japan and Russia relations example, international relations study while taking up international treaty, joint declaration, diplomatic material, the history information about H.Doc., diary by lecture, and commenting on them.

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As a general rule, teacher prepares.

Reference book


We introduce appropriately in class, but assume the following documents basic reference book. In addition, please refer to page of Books of lecture summary HP.


Author name /Authors: Haruki Wada
Title of a book /Title: "Issue of northern territories - history and the future"
Publishing company, publication age /Publisher.Year: Asahi Shimbun, 1999


Author name /Authors: Kennosuke Nakamura
Title of a book /Title: "Propagator Nicolai and Meiji Japan"
Publishing company, publication age /Publisher.Year: Iwanami Shoten, 1996


Author name /Authors: Koichi Yasuda
Title of a book /Title: "Diary of last tsar Nicolai II"
Publishing company, publication age /Publisher.Year: Asahi Shimbun, 1990



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Ueno' s Seminar

  Lecture contents Lecture picture Lecture material
1 Japan and Russia-affiliated dawnlight
2 Japan and Russia foundation of a country negotiations
3 Activity of propagator Nicolai
4 St. Petersburg treaty
5 Visit to Japan of Crown Prince Nicolai
6 From Russo-Japanese War to Japan and Russia agreement
7 Manchurian and Harbin
8 Japan and Soviet relations of World War II
9 San Francisco Peace Treaty
10 Japan-Soviet Joint Declaration
11 Japan and Russia-affiliated new age
12 Questions and answers