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HOME lecture foreign language department English and society 1/ENGLISH AND SOCIETY 1

English and society 1/ENGLISH AND SOCIETY 1

Department/subject Foreign language department English subject
Teacher/lecturer name Coordinator Togo Takanori
The holding year 2013
Date Spring semester

We invite graduate of Sophia University mainly on English subject mainly and, by this lecture, have you talk about job or circumstances of the individual industries to continue up to the present day from trace and the past of the life when each was walked. Attendance students may find various materials thinking about future own occupation choice and life design. Small report which summarized that we learn and thought by oneself in around 800 characters is submitted every time by lecture. Alternatively, we assign term paper of around 4,000 characters.  

Lecture contents Lecture picture
1 Orientation Togo Takanori
2 Miwako Kitadai
3 Ai Konishi
(Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Corporate Planning & Coordination Department CSR room)
4 Keiko Ishihara
(the Ministry of Foreign Affairs synthesis foreign policy station policy Planning Office seat of honor specialty official)
5 Masaki Otake
(the Japanese Broadcasting Corporation international broadcasting station news production manager)
6 Namie Koyanaka
(Tokyo financial research's president)
7 Sachiko Tanaka
(researcher at University of Edinburgh Japanese European technology research institute)
8 Shigehisa Shibayama
(Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Inc. editorial department)
9 Chinaga, Yoshida
(DENTSU Inc.'s sales manager)
10 Mari Yamauchi
(USB securities Managing Director)
11 Chikako Tsuruta
(Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)
12 Taketo Yamakawa
(DHL Japan's president)
13 Koken Ando
(Music Searcher JP)
14 Summary Togo Takanori