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Department/subject Faculty of Humanities English sentence subject
Teacher/lecturer name PINNER Richard
The holding year 2014
Date Spring semester

Lecture summary
This course is designed to allow students the chance to combine what they learned in the first year skills classes and apply them to join in discussions and express themselves on topics in literature both in spoken and written language. As part of the class, we will work together and collaborate on a class journal project which each student will contribute to. Class work will be conducted in groups and individually and students will often be required to lead sessions and present their own research.

Assessments are based on a set of options which students choose from in order to gain enough credits to pass the course. Therefore, the emphasis is very much on the students making decisions for themselves and demonstrating their own independence as learners and researchers. | The main works we will examine in the course will be Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath, The Beat Generation and Tolkien' s High Fantasy world of Middle-earth. We will explore themes of language use, historical and cultural references and also literary theory and ways of interpreting literature.

Use text
Handouts will be provided by the teacher. You should buy a plastic-folder to hold them all together as you may need to refer back to work covered in previous lessons.

Reference book
Sylvia Plath "Daddy" from Ariel| Ted Hughes "The Minotaur" from Birthday Letters|? William S. Burroughs "Ah Pook is Here" | Terry Eagleton Literary Theory: An Introduction | Anne Charters The Portable Beat Reader| JRR Tolkien we will look at a number of stories by Tolkien. Readers would do well to familiarise themselves by at least watching the film version of Lord of the Rings|

Author name /Authors: Sylvia Plath
Title of a book /Title: "Daddy" from Ariel
Publishing company, publication age /Publisher.Year: Harper Collins. 1999

Author name /Authors: Ted Hughes
Title of a book /Title: "The Minotaur" from Birthday Letters
Publishing company, publication age /Publisher.Year: Faber and Faber. 1998

Author name /Authors: Anne Charters
Title of a book /Title: The Portable Beat Reader
Publishing company, publication age /Publisher.Year: Penguin. 1992

Lecture contents Lecture picture
1 Introduction to the course: Explanation of assessments and overview of the lessons. Needs analysis.
2 Translations: Looking at translations of famous works. A guide to approaching difficult or new texts. Reading and note taking strategies.
3 Films and Literature: Famous books that have been made into films and how to use them to compliment your study and enjoyment.
4 Generations and Genres: an overview of Literature – all of it!
5 Literary Theory: An introduction
6 Literary Theory: Reader response
7 Sylvia Plath & Ted Hughes: An introduction
8 Sylvia Plath: Daddy
9 Sylvia Plath: Students' Reaction to Daddy
10 Ted Hughes: The Minotaur
11 Ted Hughes: Students' Reaction to The Minotaur
12 Ted and Sylvia: Discussion
13 Parodies, interpretations and retellings: The Epic of Gilgamesh
14 Paranoid Fiction: Kafka, Burroughs, Orwell, Philip K Dick and who is that behind you?
15 The Beat Generation: An introduction
16 The Beats: Reading and discussion
17 Ah Pook is Here: Philosophy, ethics, verse and prose
18 Your favourite Beat: The best of a bad bunch?
19 Dramatic Readings: Students present their readings and interpretations
20 Literary Theory: Archetypal/Myth Criticism
21 Tolkien' s Middle-Earth: A mythology for England
22 The Silmarillion: "drawing splendour from|the vast backcloths"
23 The Children of Hurin: Torture, incest, betrayal and dragons
24 Lord of the Rings: The book of the millennium
25 The languages of Middle Earth: Making culture from language
26 Working on the Class Journal
27 Finalising the Class Journal
28 Wrap-up: Review of main points covered
29 Exam Week
30 Exam Week