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2015 foreign language departments words drama festival

Department/subject Faculty of Foreign Studies 
Teacher/lecturer name Faculty of Foreign Studies
The holding year 2015
Date 2015/12/6

Sophia University foreign language department words drama festival is held in Building No. 10 hall on December 6. Word drama festival executive committee which is extracurricular activities group hosts and announces improvement of linguistic ability and everyday learning result outside on-campus and is intended to have you be interested in language and cultures.

It is 3 subjects of Hispania language study department, Russian subject, Portuguese subject that stage. We repeat exercises while getting the cause of instruction by teacher of each subject, cooperation of lecturer at drama of off-campus and face the stage.

 Yuki Kubota (foreign language department Portuguese subject three years) of word drama festival practice chairperson "place where individuality of each country is reflected in every corner of program is one of fun. Hispania words drama deals with big theme for the human including love and pacifism and brings delight to person to see. Russian drama is over tragically while being comedy, and it presents unique view of the world about history in Russia. We comment on charm of each word drama saying Portuguese drama lets you think about universal problem in the life through story that it is easy to get close to.

In addition, we tell, "we are glad if you go to the theater let alone university student and protector as the whole book subtitles appear while enjoying to high school student and can have interest and friendly feeling in each country".

 Look at all of you by all means.


As for the details of program, please see this flyer.

Theme Lecture picture
Portuguese theatrical company "dream of moonlit night"
Hispania words theatrical company "love of Don, pe rurimpurin"
Russian theatrical company "proxy"