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Christianity literature II/CHRISTIAN LITERATURE 2

Department/subject Faculty of Theology theology department
Teacher/lecturer name Katayama haruhi
The holding year 2015
Date First semester

Through analysis of literary work brought up in the West and Japanese Christian traditions, we feel the point of contact of theology and literature, and there is that we get wider Christian culture and faith understanding for the purpose of this lecture. In the latter period, we take up "hope and faith, silence of God, problem of evil" as theme and, by technique of comparative literature, study mainly on work of Shusaku Endo and Ionesco and Pascal.


Use text


Author name /Authors: Shusaku Endo
Title of a book /Title: Silence
Publishing company, publication age /Publisher.Year: Shincho library, Shinchosha


Author name /Authors: It depends on C Escallier, Ionesco
Title of a book /Title: Maximilien Kolbe
Publishing company, publication age /Publisher.Year: Holy Mother library, knight company of the Holy Mother


Author name /Authors: Blaise Pascal
Title of a book /Title: Pansee
Publishing company, publication age /Publisher.Year: Nakakou library, Chuokoron-Sha



Reference book


We introduce appropriately during class.

  Lecture contents
1 Introduction: Theology and literature
2 Shusaku Endo: People and work
3 Shusaku Endo: "Silence" 1
4 Shusaku Endo: "Silence" 2
5 Shusaku Endo: "Silence" 3
6 Discussion and middle report
7 Ionesco: "Maximilien Kolbe" 1
8 Ionesco: "Maximilien Kolbe" 2
9 Ionesco: "Maximilien Kolbe" 3
10 Pascal "pansee" 1
11 Pascal "pansee" 2
12 Pascal "pansee" 3
13 Discussion
14 Pascal "pansee" 4
15 We read reference book and, about problem shown in class in November, submit report.