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2018 foreign language departments words drama festival

Department/subject Faculty of Foreign Studies 
Teacher/lecturer name Faculty of Foreign Studies
The holding year 2018
Date 2018/12/09

We held Sophia University foreign language department words drama festival in Building No. 10 hall on December 09.
This is performed by sponsorship of word drama festival executive committee which is extracurricular activities group and announces result of everyday learning outside on-campus and is intended that we have you be interested in improvement of linguistic ability and language and culture.

Family, friend, teacher of students, a lot of graduates came for theatergoing.
Word drama had history that had been performed from the beginning of university foundation and had been carried out as word drama festival for the first time in 1960, but stopped the first. And we restart the activity by Hispania words theatrical company, Russian theatrical company, Portuguese theatrical company in 2010 and reach in now.
 As one of the affinity that this school came to be estimated as "linguistic Sophia", the tradition is inherited.


As for the details of program, please see this flyer.

Theme Collecting picture
French theatrical company
"Lovers of Rochefort"
English theatrical company
Hispania words theatrical company
"Strawberry and chocolate"
Portuguese theatrical company
"ipe of cerise"
Russian theatrical company
"Event of rural district" (original title "one month of village")