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List of videos during HOME exhibition
List of exhibited videos
Undergraduate Courses Subject The year Teacher name, lecturer name Course title
2019 Christopher Kilmartin, Ph.D others To get rid of sex violence; male gadekirukoto: Japan-U.S. psychology study regards psychology as position of man from the clinical spot
2019 Yoshiteru Uramoto/Tsuyoshi Ito It is Migration and Development Migration and Co-existence 2
2019 Viroj Tangcharoensathien (international health policy plan foundation, Thai Ministry of Health), Toru Honda (share = international health cooperation citizen's meeting, Koya, Fukushima Hospital), Kurfi Abubakr (National Health Insurance mechanism in Nigeria) ka Asia where the achievement of universal health coverage needs primary health care why, African viewpoint―
Faculty of Humanities Dept. of Philosophy 2019 Shin Suzuki country Philosophy to do by talks
Faculty of Foreign Studies 2019 Faculty of Foreign Studies 2019 foreign language departments words drama festival
Faculty of Foreign Studies 2018 Faculty of Foreign Studies 2018 foreign language departments words drama festival
Faculty of Economics Dept. of Economics 2019 The laboratory of Aoki Is it human security in economics?
Faculty of Global Studies Dept. of Global Studies 2019 Hiroko Kushimoto Islam in Southeast Asia: We try to peep at life of "ordinary" Muslim university student
2019 Center for Language Education and Research teacher We will open foreign language door! -German, French, Hispania words learning for the first time, Italian, Chinese, Korean -
2019 PATRICK, Philip Let's experience "English" of Sophia! ... How to have a successful conversation